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Cafecito and Therapy

On my last visit to my childhood home, I was reminded of one of my favorite rituals of connection. I found myself sitting on the living room couch when I heard a familiar question: “Cafecito?”. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee filled the air, a recognizable smell that brings back so many beloved memories. The memories of breakfast, intimate conversations, and late-night study sessions instantly flooded my mind. I couldn’t avoid experiencing mixed emotions as I patiently waited for the warmth of a cup in my hand. It’s interesting how a single smell can bring back so many memories: isn’t it?

Some of my fondest memories revolve around a cup of coffee. I remember those nights with my sister trying to help my nieces with their homework, the moments of connection with my best friend when we would catch up on each other’s lives, and the many breakfasts when I was little and would watch my parents enjoy their cup of coffee first thing in the morning. As I grew older, a cup of coffee transformed into a symbolic gesture of conversation and connection between myself and others. Whether conversations revolved around sharing difficult news, resolving a conflict, or simply catching up on each other’s worlds, a simple cup of coffee became symbolic of a desire to connect. In my relationship, drinking coffee has become a morning ritual of connection and bonding where we exchange what is in store for us before we start our day.

This experience transpires in different cultures and interpersonal relationships; whether it be with family, friends, or colleagues, sharing a cup of coffee seems to be a reliable form of connecting. Around the world, you may find yourself sharing café de olla, Turkish, French press, espresso, or Americano.

The ritual of making coffee can also translate into a moment of connection with ourselves. When enjoying a cup on your own, this ritual can create a moment of peacefulness and mindfulness as you find yourself paying attention to the aromas as they fill the air creating a perfect point in time to take a couple of deep breaths or simply allow yourself to wonder about your day, engage in self-reflection, and set your intention.

Want to create a moment of connection with yourself or others? Consider looking back on some of your favorite rituals and implement them once again. If you don’t know where to start, how about we have a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer?

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