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fulfulling relationships

I believe…

You don’t have to overextend yourself for the connections you seek.


Do you find yourself on an exhausting emotional roller coaster, being pulled from one end of the pendulum to the other?


One minute, you’re shutting down, and the next you’re exploding because you’ve had enough. You’re stuck in a cycle where you give too much and end up feeling angry, resentful, and sad. You find yourself compromising, and feeling exhausted by the never-ending expectations.

You’ve gotten good at hiding your emotions and your loved ones get confused when “all of a sudden” you’re struggling when they have no idea just how much you’re actually going through.

Your entire being is telling you you've had enough but it's difficult to find the words to say just that.

On paper, you have accomplished what you set out to, maybe you have established your career, you’re in a long-term relationship, or have completed another important goal…
and yet you still feel there is a gap in your life.

You invest all of your energy in helping your loved ones feel happy but it’s not enough, because you can’t seem to find that same happiness you so desperately seek. You feel unfulfilled, it’s never enough, and your efforts seem to go unrecognized, unacknowledged, and unappreciated.


You’re not fulfilled by your accomplishments or your relationships, and you find yourself thinking “what now”.

You’re lacking a sense of direction and connection both with yourself and others.

There is always something more that you are expected to fix, handle, or manage. Your desires and what others expect from you are in constant conflict. You fall victim to being taken advantage of because you care so deeply, which in turn leaves you feeling burnt out, confused, and mistrusting your own intuition.  You’ve tried to implement boundaries only to be left with a massive sense of guilt.

You have an overwhelming desire to escape and get away from it all

Through our work together, you will learn how to give voice to your emotions, paving a path to more fulfilling relationships.

My clients care deeply about being the best partner, friend, or parent they can be but they struggle to find ways to foster meaningful and fulfilling relationships when they feel so overwhelmed.

They find themselves normalizing or excusing significant other’s behaviors and minimizing or disregarding their own emotions. I empower clients to listen to themselves, find their voice, create a life that feels more balanced and manageable, and rediscover meaning. I help clients slow down and build awareness of their thoughts while validating their emotions, so they can nurture healthy relationship dynamics and moments of connection with themselves and others.


Yamel is truly one of the most down-to-earth therapists that I've ever had the privilege of working alongside. Her flexible attitude and unconditional regard for her clients create an amazing space where real and lasting change happens.

Simon N.

Yamel brings a warm, and approachable energy to any interaction. She is truly dedicated to collaborating with people in a way that is energizing and empowering, and she thoughtfully brings laughter and lightness to her work. I feel honored to be in her orbit as a professional.

Rachel T.

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