"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to acheive it"

- Paulo Coehlo



The Start of a New Beginning...


Individual work can set the platform to improve the quality of your life by re-discovering your personal goals and identity, therefore strengthening your core sense of self. By changing our dynamics and relationship with ourselves we can create lasting changes that will have a positive impact on our system.


Relationships can be difficult and require maintenance. With time, relationships change and with change there can come challenges. The dynamics of a relationship are complex and require skills and the ability to compromise and understand each other.

Whether your relationship is struggling with the dynamics of communication, intimacy, infidelity, parenting transitions, or any of the many other complexities relationships bring, therapy can provide you with the space to gain deeper insight to reach a middle ground in your relationship.



Let's Create a therapeutic space for your needs...


Coming into therapy is a big decision; one that deserves you feeling comfortable with the choice you have made. It is essential within therapy that you experience the ability to be honest while working at your own pace. To be vulnerable while feeling respected. To express your perspective while feeling validated. The connection experienced in therapy allows us to discuss our concerns, fears, and insecurities with the hope of reaching resolution.

My therapeutic approach offers a safe space for people of any gender, culture and sexual orientation. I am also kink friendly.