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That’s where I come in. I noticed most of my clients were feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and not knowing what to do. They struggled to identify and validate their emotional needs. Needs became confused with wants and expectations. I help clients in getting to the root of their needs, understand the value behind them, and learn that it’s ok to communicate; it’s all in the how. You deserve a happy balanced life. You deserve to figure out the things that are stopping you from having a deeper connection with yourself and others.

I’m interested in knowing your authentic self and helping your authentic self to shine. My services are inviting to humans of every culture, gender, and sexual orientation. I am also kink friendly.

If you want a therapist who is direct, expressive, feels comfortable with sarcasm,

and is ok with the occasional f-bomb click below.

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Professional Background:


For the past 11 years I have worked with clients in different relational aspects. Starting with victims and survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence, working with high conflict families, and homeless youth. It was through this work that I became very familiar with the complexities of trauma. In my time working with trauma I noticed a trend; the struggle to create a meaningful connection. Clients would find themselves feeling conflicted about their boundaries; and the feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and resentment were present. The desire to form meaningful connection was there but their inner voice and desires were often a soft whisper that was difficult to hear.


I work with clients in getting to know themselves, their boundaries, and their inner needs and help them to create a space to nurture themselves and their relationships.


A little about me:


I was born on the border; navigating two different cultures and the grey areas between them is a challenge that is all too familiar for me. The desire to “fit in” is real and quite difficult. However, when I connected with my identity I found balance and discovered that there was space for one more character in this world. I am fluent in Spanish, thanks to my parents who insisted on raising me in a Spanish-only speaking household.


I am utterly and completely risk-averse; I like plans, structure, and I do my research. I’m always prepared and as thorough as possible. However, I rarely shy away from a challenge. Such as hiking Chipinque because how can I ignore such a beautiful view. Or crossing a pitch-black lagoon known for its 15-foot crocodiles on a canoe in Oaxaca because, well, I’ve never seen anything so magical. All done with caution; of course.


After all, life is about the moments that take your breath away.  


Fluent in English and Spanish 

LMFT 201751

Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from

St. Mary’s University

Bachelors in Psychology and Criminal Justice


Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists



Emotion-Focused Therapy

Gottman Level 1 and 2


Trauma-Informed CBT

Solution Focused Therapy

Ericksonian Hypnosis – Intermediate Level

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